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How to Style a Bow tie

Bowtie Behavior was created with the intention of providing affordable, yet stylish bow ties. Fun statement pieces that take the intimidation out of wearing a bow tie.

So you've taken the first step and purchased a bow tie, (a Bowtie Behavior bow tie I hope) Now how do you style it? Do you wear it with a white shirt? Is it Taboo to mix patterns? Is it too dressy to wear on a zoom call? You may have all of these questions in your mind. Here is some help when thinking about styling your bow tie:

  1. DEFINITELY mix and match! Here at Bowtie Behavior, we are all for a good mix and match of patterns, colors, textures, fabrics. We love to mix it all. If it makes you feel good and makes you feel confident, you'll wear it well.

  2. Pair your bow tie with a denim shirt. Denim goes with virtually anything and is a great way to switch things up from the traditional plain white shirt if you're not so much into patterns.

  3. Wear it un-tied once in a while! Yes, un-tied, it's a style within itself.

  4. Play around with textures. Go for a textured shirt or textured bow tie if you want to add personality to your outfit but you are not a big fan of bright colors.

  5. Black Tie? Forgettabout it! Bowtie Behavior is about the pizzaz, the bold, the flavorful. Step out of your comfort zone and play around with some color.

And don't forget, The Heart Throb bow tie, a crowd favorite, will be back in stock beginning February 1st.

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