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So many times I have female customers tell me, "I really want a bow tie but I just don't know how to wear it!" Well ladies, there's absolutely nothing to it. Now bow ties can be intimidating to anyone however, for us women, it can be even more intimidating due to the fact that bow ties are traditionally a men's accessory. Well those days are over! The beauty of a bow tie is that it can be worn as a statement piece or just as a subtle way to bring your entire outfit together. So ladies, (and gents) when in doubt- keep it simple and stick to what you know, here are some tips:

-When thinking of incorporating a bow tie into your look, do not try to re invent the wheel! Choose from items in your closet to put your outfit together, this will alleviate any aded stress when choosing a bow tie to wear.

-If you are getting an outfit for a special occasion, slightly revert to the first step- do not stray too far from your normal style. If you are not a stripes kinda girl (or boy), step away from the stripes please! Let's not bite off more wardrobe decisions then we can chew,

-If you are undecided about what type of shirt to wear, denim shirts are always a nice choice and go with pretty much any bow tie you may choose. Denim can also be dressed up, if need be, with a nice blazer. If denim is not your style, or you want to go with a patterned shirt, try to stay away from matching your bow tie with your shirt pattern as not to drown the bow tie out.

-Now this is strictly for the ladies: there are several options when selecting bottoms. Pencil skirt, poofy skirt lol, jeans, slacks, shorts, it's your choice. There is no right or wrong way to go what's most important is that you feel confident in whatever you choose.

-When wearing a bow tie make sure you wear it with pride, to do anything else would be unconstitutional!


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